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For Noobie.io the complete all-in-one package was done. OpenCart was installed and heavily modified. A mass-import module coded and deployed for the customer’s needs. All content and management cared for, and all the graphic work produced by us. Noobie.io runs on one of our high speed servers.

We have taken care of all their SEO and backlinks. After 2 months the site’s Alexa rank had moved up significantly. Following extensive tests Noobie.io went live on the 9th of February 2015.

We should really call Noobie.io our showcase. This e-commerce portal runs on a heavily modified OpenCart system. We installed and changed the software, created all the graphics and content, set up backlinks and the SEO. We also ensured that the site was running SSL for security purposes.

The site runs on a dedicated, fast and DDOS secure server that is hosted by us.

We have modified Noobie.io to only accept crypto-currency payments and we have coded a mass-import module in the back-end of the site.

Within two months of launch, we have brought the Alexa rank up from 23 million to 1.8 million, meaning the site gets a daily count of roughly 150-200 unique visitors and over 400 page views per day.



The Noobie.io banner made by NoobieWebservices



The logo for Noobie.io was custom made by us.



Every reliable e-commerce platform needs SSL encryption. Rank A!


Client : Noobie Payments Limited

Website : Noobie.io


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